A Great Rain Dances on the End of the World

End Of The World

Short story #2 It was a wet November night when the story broke. A thin gasp rang out across every house in every town. The world inhaled, held its breath in unison. Exhaled. Then, silence. It’d been spotted. Seven years since The Great Rain started. And now, today, the end had been written. A full … Read more

This is Why I Love the Erhu (a Short History of the Instrument)

Illustrated man playing Erhu, starry backdrop

What is an erhu? The erhu, often hailed the “Chinese violin”, is a two-stringed musical instrument originating from China. The ‘er’ in erhu means two in Mandarin—for the two strings! It’s made from a soundbox—which can be hexagonal, octagonal, or circular in shape—connected to a long neck by two silk strings. These days, the strings … Read more

The Tangerine—a (Very) Short Story

A painting of a tangerine

Short story #1 Her name is not important. What’s important is how she walked: step versus step, feet drumming against uneven cobblestone, heels dashing anxiety onto the earth’s unforgiving surface. Above, the sky stared down at her through steely eyes—closed off, overcast, and unkind.  It was a cold day, yet sweat dripped down her back. … Read more