You Should Be Reading Science Fiction. Here’s Why.

Image of a solar system

  When we hear the words science fiction—or sci-fi, or speculative fiction, whatever—we think of spaceships, aliens, time travel, and all things outer-worldly. And it’s true that it often is about those things. But the genre still has this sort of low-brow, fringe association; it’s excluded from literature’s mainstream, in favour of realism, romance, and fantasy. … Read more

Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman Review—A Stunning WWII Epic

Book cover art of Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate, a silhouette soldier on a beige background

In the first chapter novel, Grossman ponders: …How could a man be unhappy outside the camp? And from there, such striking and evocative turns-of-phrase pack the pages of Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate. Today we’ll review his war epic, often dubbed the Soviet War and Peace… Spanning across Russia’s Eastern front, from the encircled Stalingrad … Read more