Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore Review — a Fascinating Dreamscape

Picture of Kakfa On The Shore Cover, a black background with cat and red face

Haruki Murakami’s Kakfa on the Shore is a strange, lurid book. You float through this dreamscape of modern Japan, effortlessly switching between the real, the fantastic, and absurd. The characters drift through their story, unquestioningly, directed by powers outside of their own will. Everything in the book is subject to its own strange, internal logic—or … Read more

You Should Be Reading Science Fiction. Here’s Why.

Image of a solar system

I think that a lot of us are put off when we hear the words ‘science fiction‘, for whatever reason that may be. Today, I’m going to change that—to argue why science fiction is a great genre and answer… Why should I read science fiction? When we hear the words science fiction—or sci-fi, or speculative … Read more