You Should Be Reading Science Fiction. Here’s Why.

Image of a solar system

  When we hear the words science fiction—or sci-fi, or speculative fiction, whatever—we think of spaceships, aliens, time travel, and all things outer-worldly. And it’s true that it often is about those things. But the genre still has this sort of low-brow, fringe association; it’s excluded from literature’s mainstream, in favour of realism, romance, and fantasy. … Read more

Why Does Aphex Twin’s Avril 14th Sound So Distinctive?

Aphex Twin album cover Drukqs

What makes a song—like Aphex Twin’s Avril 14th—instantly recognisable as special? …Alright, yeah, it’s subjective. But you’d be hard-pressed not to find something special in the piece embedded below.     There’s a lot to be said about Aphex Twin. I’m not going to try to say it all now, or even pretend I understand … Read more

Bangkok: Sukhumvit, Soi Cowboy, and More Trouble…

Picture of Soi Cowboy street at night — neon lights, tourists

Today captures a different side of Bangkok. We leave Chinatown and head to Sukhumvit. We try out a party hostel, experience Soi Cowboy, and have ANOTHER run-in with Thai police… Day 7. Diary date: 8th October 2019 Leaving AMA Hostel, headed for Sukhumvit An early start today. We head for the local station, taking the … Read more