Travelling Southeast Asia: Preamble to the Blog

Alright then, here we go! After university, I worked for a year in a job unrelated to what I want to do with my life. I had one thing in mind though: I wanted to travel, to see the world.

I picked out Southeast Asia for its incredible landscapes, food, and relatively low cost compared to somewhere like Europe. It’s sort of like the well-travelled starter-route, right?

Saving around £6000 over 12 months wasn’t too difficult when I lived at home—paying minimal rent—and reduced all spending to the necessities. My friend, let’s call him S, agreed to come with me. We’d talked about it often; back then it seemed like a fantasy. While we were there, it often seemed like one too… but more on that later.

In the year leading up, I spent a great amount of my spare time researching travelling and Southeast Asia—the anticipation growing daily, month upon month. In August of 2019, we finally booked a one-way flight to Bangkok. In September, I handed in my notice at work. In October, we flew across the world!

Every single day that I travelled, I wrote down that I did, what I felt, and what I saw. I want to show not just the highlights of travelling, but day in, day out—the nitty-gritty.

One thing I learnt is that we don’t realise how much our brains have to say until we sit down to think about our day—to write, read, and think. I was amazed by how many words spilt themselves into my phone notes. There was rarely a dull moment, to be honest.

Primarily, I wrote just to capture all the memories that I knew would leave me, like particles falling through a metaphorical, very forgetful, sieve. Secondarily, I wrote to achieve I’ve always wanted to do: a writing project!

But that’s enough background.

I’ve tried to keep everything detailed and sincere. To capture exactly what the process of travel was like for me. Did I change along the way? Was it all fun and games? Which countries and areas were my favourites? Did I learn to carpe that motherfuckin’ dieme?

I guess we’ll find out.

Let’s get into it with the eventful and somewhat disastrous day one.

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